Reiki Treatments

Reiki  -  "Spiritually Guided Life Energy"

Reiki is a very simple but poweful Japanese technique for relaxation and reduction of stress.  Administered through laying on of hands, Reiki helps bring about balance of mind, body and soul.  Life energy plays an important role in everything you do and is the primary energy of your emotions, thoughts and spirituality. Stress can deplete life energy (ki) leading to lowered immune system and vulnerability to illness. 


Benefits of Reiki

Recipients of Reiki often attain a level of relaxation deeper than anything they have ever experienced previously.  Often there is a feeling of lightness and release after a Reiki session. Many report that they have been better able to deal with life's stresses following treatments and this has brought about many positive changes in their lives. Sleep patterns have also noticeably improved for many people due the improved level of relaxation Reiki has facilitated.

Anxiety and Low Mood have also been found to improve immensely for most recipients after a course of treatments with Reiki energy. Dealing with stress and related emotional imbalance through Reiki usually leads to improved health and wellbeing.