Reflexology - Treat the Feet, Heal the Soul


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Member of the Irish Reflexology Institute Ltd.  

  General Health, Pregnancy and Ante-Natal, Cancer Care, Babies and Children.                                                                               

Reflexology is a gentle method of holistic healing whose roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China.  (More information on history - http// It is the practice of treating reflex points on the feet that relate to corresponding organs and parts of the body. This wonderful therapy treats the feet in order to bring about balance to the whole body.  The aim is to stimulate the body's own healing processes to bring about homeostasis (balance).  A session of Reflexology generally takes approximately one hour and time is allowed for consultation at no extra charge.

Benefits of Reflexology

Among the many benefits of Reflexology are:-

Effective for:         

Strengthening the Immune System,Back Pain, Migraine, Fertility, Reproductive System Imbalances, Maintaining Healthy Pregnancy, Sleep Disorders, Hormonal Imbalances, General Healing after Surgery and Injury. Digestive Disorders, Blood pressure, the list is endless, the feelgood factor is amazing.